Choosing a Travel Agent: Small Business or Corporation?
choosing a local destination wedding travel agent

This is honestly a super strange post for me but I wanted to get this out there. I have reallllly tried to keep this as neutral as possible. I don’t think I am the ONLY destination wedding travel agent that does a good job. Of course not. There are so many wonderful travel agents that […]

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Is Your Travel Agent Pushing You Toward Certain Resorts?
Destination Wedding Travel Agent Resort Choices

Maybe. That’s right. Your travel agents intentions might not be clear when it comes to the resorts he or she is recommending. But seriously, it is not always what you think. We are usually not evil scam artists looking for the resort with the most travel agent perks. I am so passionate about educating people […]

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Brand New Resorts That Are Going to be HOT for 2020 Destination Weddings
new resorts opening in 2019 - destination weddings at sandos palm bay playacar mexico

Brand New Destination Wedding Resorts It’s almost 2020! Sorry to startle you – don’t worry. It IS January 2019 if that is what you are wondering. But the reality is, if you are thinking of a late 2019/early 2020 wedding – you are LATE!  Don’t panic, just contact me or schedule an appointment. We will […]

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Part Four: Destination Wedding Planning Timelines [Between “90 Days After You Save the Date” and “60 Days Before Take Off”]
Destination Wedding Planning To Do List

The Destination Wedding Planning That Will Drive You Crazy! Okay, okay. If you stumbled here by accident, let me catch you up. This is PART FOUR of a FIVE PART SERIES all about Destination Wedding Planning Timelines!! This is not the place to start! Here is a recap: Part One: Choosing a Resort and Travel […]

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Part Three: Destination Wedding Planning Timelines [90 Days for Your Guests to Place Their Deposits]
Destination Wedding Timelines - Deposit Deadlines

Destination Wedding Planning Timeline: Your guests have 90 days to place their deposit! It is Deposit Deadline Time!   Let’s talk about everything you have accomplished so far ! I think you owe yourself a mini celebration because Destination Wedding planning can be hella stressful (any kind of wedding planning really!). Whether it took you […]

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Part Two: Destination Wedding Planning Timelines [MONEY EDITION]
destination wedding budget timeline - when is the money due

Destination Wedding Budget – Let’s talk MONEY!! Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, Money, MON-AYYY!   [Let me get the disclaimer out if the way first because it is always more important when there is money involved – this post, like all my posts, are geared toward couples flying from Canadian cities, with Canadian […]

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Beach Wedding Hair: The Photographers Opinion.

I am so excited to be announcing that this week’s blog post about Beach Wedding Hair was written by Dean Sanderson! For those of you who don’t know, Dean Sanderson is a popular destination wedding photographer based in one of my favorite places in the world: Riviera Maya, Mexico! There are so many great tips for […]

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The Biggest Misconceptions about Off Site Wedding Venues

Off Site Wedding Venue Misconceptions   I can’t even believe we’re already on the LAST post of this three part series on offsite venues! I am excited to tackle this part too – Off Site Wedding Venue MISCONCEPTIONS! Have you been loving the information so far? If these three part series posts that go in […]

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