How to Save Money on Your Destination Wedding (All Inclusive Resorts)


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How to Save Money on Your Destination Wedding

January 31, 2023

Our Best Advice for How to Save Money on Your Destination Wedding

Here’s the thing, you might not like this tip for how to save money on your destination wedding. It’s going to read a lot like your local wedding blog. Because when it comes to saving money, the number one tip is the same: cut your guest list. That’s right! The same advice you are getting for a wedding back home, is going to apply at an all inclusive resort too.

This post was originally published in 2020 but has been updated in 2023.

[PSSSST: So glad you found us here! It can be so frustrating to spend hours searching for wedding planning information when a majority of what you find online is either *so old* or completely geared toward all inclusive resort weddings. WE MADE THIS FOR YOU. In this 100+ page guide, there is information about all inclusive weddings (of course) but there is also PAGES & PAGES of budgeting, hiring vendors (when they aren’t all put in a nice little package for you), choosing a destination, arranging travel for your guests when you are planning destination weddings that are not all inclusive and so much more]

Have we lost you already? First things first, there are a few different resorts where large groups are surprisingly affordable. But most of the time, cutting the guest list is going to be your biggest money saver.

The Average All Inclusive Resort Wedding Package

We know you don’t do this as much as we do so let’s break down the typical resort wedding package for you. The “base” package which includes a private reception (read more about the difference between a private and semi private reception here) typically ranges in cost from between $4000-$7000USD. But what does that include? Typically packages do include “everything you need” with the typical add ons being music (DJ), extra flowers, and upgraded decor. With that, the average wedding package also only include 20-40 people.

What if you have more than 20 – 40 guests? Many resorts can accommodate big groups. The average cost of a guest above what is included in your wedding package is $60-$100USD. For large groups, this additional cost can really add up. As destination weddings become more and more popular, they are also getting growing. So this is definitely something to keep in mind when crafting your guest list. They might all RSVP – Yes!

Destination Wedding Invitations

How to Save Money on your Destination Wedding

Even with the additional guests, compared to a Canadian wedding where the average cost is $35,000 (and rising!) – it’s a freaking bargain. Your money can really stretch here – but you have to play by local rules. There are very few exceptions to the “more guest = more money” logic. Even though food is included at an all inclusive, you are paying for extra staff and extra decor/setup.

If you can’t cut your guest list, choosing a resort is going to be one of the most important decisions you can make. We also know that sometimes having a guest list is non-negotiable. There are different things to look for in all inclusive resort wedding packages to help you accommodate your group!

If you do have a large guest list, there are ways to make it more affordable.

Some resorts will charge very little for private events (some resorts start at $35USD/person), some resorts will offer free private event hours based on the amount of guests you have staying at the resort, and some will even offer a flat discount off the wedding package if you have a certain amount of guests.

As bigger weddings become more popular, more resorts are coming up with packages that cater toward 50-100 guests. South Asian Weddings are becoming more and more popular at all inclusive resorts and many are coming up with wedding packages specifically designed to accommodate large guest lists and multiple events. We LOVE working with resorts that anticipate our clients needs.

Additional Perks (every ___th Guest travels free)

On top of that, certain airlines will even give you money toward your wedding as an incentive for booking yours and your guest’s travel through a group package. Sometimes agencies market this as “bride and groom travel free” or “get your second week for free”, but it really is all the same promotion. At Love at First Travel, we give you the value of the credit directly and you can chose to spend it as you wish.

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