The three of us are all former destination wedding brides (with two of us choosing an all inclusive resort wedding and one of us choosing a stunning off site venue) so we know how overwhelming this process can be. When we say "we know how you feel", we really do. We are here for you to reach out if you have any questions. 

Because here is a smidge of real talk: when couples return home from their destination wedding, they realize that it wasn’t “just” about the wedding. They return home with memories of the entire week and relish in the fact that they can remember special moments with each and every guest. Family and friends who don’t live in the same city and can finally put some faces to the names in stories. Guests keep telling them how much fun they had and asking where the anniversary trip will be. This is really how we define success (that and the fact that your guests will no doubt be RAVING about your wedding for years to come). We are already getting excited for you!

with three ways to work with us, our intimate team of three is ready to help you plan your next adventure (and it is going to be incredible).

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"“Actually, the best gift you could have given her was a lifetime of adventures.”

-Lewis Carroll

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We have been absolutely privileged to plan destination weddings in breathtaking locations like Palm Springs, Jamaica, Barbados, the Dominican Republic, Greece & all over Mexico. We would be honoured to add your dream destination to our list.

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Your destination wedding should be a reflection of your love story - first and foremost. But we don't just want to plan the wedding, we want to design the experience. 
 We love sharing the love of travel so it is always incredibly important to us that your closest family & friends have an amazing experience - from anticipation to execution.

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Love at First Travel where do I even start. From the very beginning planning stages Keana was my right hand man getting organized to have a wedding out of country. I placed my ‘type a’ style trust (or lack of being able to let go of control) in her and she was there every step of the way. I’m talking minimal time between responses, even late at night and over weekends (which is not necessary, but to a stressed bride it was so appreciated) impressed me to the max. Keana even went out of her way to meet me in person while we were in the same city when I bought my dress, bringing a lovely personal touch into the process. The actual wedding and travel went off better then I could have expected - all thanks to her expertise/organization. The whole time I felt like I had a cheerleader on my side keeping things running smoothly. Keana sorted out travel and plans for 60+ guests, and kept me in the loop the whole time and didn’t complain once (even though dealing with that many people I think she probably deserved to! Especially me, asking a million questions and probably repeating myself over the year span we spent planning this ahha) and everyone that booked through her had nothing but good to say. We encountered one issue (no fault on Keana or anyone - these things happen) on our return trip home which Keana promptly responded to and had sorted shortly. Any and all questions I had planning, during and after travel she was there and amazing to work with. 


"I don’t plan on getting married again, but if I did I would use her a million times over and recommended forever. Keana and love at first travel, thank you so much for being an integral part of bringing my wedding vision to life.

— krystal, BRIDE

Keana was amazing to work with, the resort was incredible and travel days went better than I could have expected (traveling with sunwing) - all thanks to her expertise/organization and knowing how to reassure a stressed bride. Keana sorted out travel plans for 40 guests, and kept me in the loop the whole time and never made anyone feel like we were nuisance, especially when I asked a million questions. Everyone that booked through her had no issues! Thank you so much for being a part of making our wedding be so special!!

Thank you so much for being a part of making our wedding be so special!!

— Patricia, BRIDE

Keana was very helpful with our destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in May 2022. She was quick to respond (even on weekends!) to any questions our guests had, kept us updated on any rules/laws regarding travel during Covid times, and ensured all our travel documents were set for the trip. She made travel plans for my destination wedding super easy and stress-free! Definitely recommend Love at First Travel for your destination wedding!

"Definitely recommend Love at First Travel for your destination wedding!"

— lauren, BRIDE

She took care of all the communication with the resort and when we arrived, everything was just as we discussed. She won’t miss a single one of your details. She offers great advice, a calming approach when “something’s wrong” and commits her entire heart to taking care of you and your guests. If you are planning a destination wedding, my husband and I cannot recommend Kara more and our guests would agree too. 

"a dream come true for destination brides, period."

— sabrina, BRIDE

She went above and beyond what we ever expected and added so many thoughtful and meaningful surprises for us along the way proving just how passionate and thoughtful she is. I Highly Recommended using Love at First Travel for any destination wedding travel /wedding coordinating needs.

"The only regret I have is that I didn't have Kara there with me on the big day to celebrate with us because I truly consider her to be more than just a travel agent after this experience!"


 Kara is so easy to work with, she was prompt in answering my many emails at all times of the day and her co-ordination with the resort made our wedding planning process so much less stressful! You can clearly see how passionate Kara is about destination weddings and it makes a huge difference compared to other travel agents. I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for a destination wedding travel agent or planner!

"I honestly don't know how I would have done it without her."

— mikayla, BRIDE

I was really overwhelmed about how to plan my large destination wedding. She made the entire process as enjoyable and stress free as possible!
She answered every single email, listened to my every worry and provided solutions with ease. My wedding was beautiful, and went off without a hitch. 

"You won't find the kind of service Kara provides with other wedding vendors!"

— kaitlyn, BRIDE

I’ve booked a few things with Kara in the past and now she is helping me plan my destination wedding and she is AMAZING!! Always answers my 1000's of questions quickly and smoothly. She’s so attentive and really works on getting you the best deal. She is WONDERFUL. So knowledgeable, so helpful, so friendly, and is always going to find an answer for you. 

"Would 100% recommend working with her!"

— cassarah, BRIDE

I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking to book a destination wedding! Kara is so professional, informative and easy to work with. She made the whole wedding planning process very easy and stress free. We choose Kara because she had a destination wedding herself, so I knew she could provide us with both travel agent recommendations and personal recommendations. 

"I will forever recommend her to every single person getting married "

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We are often asked if we have a course or offer mentoring for other wedding planners but we don't at this time! However, we are currently enrolled (and happily recommend as affiliates!), the Planner's Playbook by Candice Coppola! If you are looking to grow your wedding planning business, find more information about her membership below. 

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