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Glad you asked! First – let me address the elephant in the room. It is 2017 and you can just DIY your plans online. So why would you even bother using any travel agent? Yes, you can do all the research yourself and maybe you will love it and maybe you will hate it. One of the main advantages to using a travel agent is that they can save you hours and hours of time researching locations and venues. Even if you love the research part of it, a travel agent can will ensure you don’t miss out on any promotions. We are talking about a once in a lifetime trip here! If that’s not enough we also offer payment plans on most vacations and we never charge additional service fees.

The process of finding a Destination Wedding Specialist goes like this: First you decide to have a destination wedding to save money, so you can freely invite all your third cousins without worrying about your guest count, to have a wedding that wows and creates lifelong memories with your family and friends, or maybe you just want it all. You start the search for a Destination Wedding Specialist and Hello There! You found us! Now we connect to make sure we are a good fit. Let’s call this a consultation but it can really be a phone call or a couple emails back and forth. Ultimately we agree that we would love to spend the next 6-18 months emailing back and forth on the regular.

    After We Decide To Work Together

    You have been day dreaming so far but now that we are working together, the planning really takes off. Every couple is different, but for the most part you can expect the planning process to go like this:

    • Choose Your Destination (and plan a site visit if desired). After you have chosen your destination, we narrow down your venue options (where you will stay and where you will wed)
    • Sign the Contracts and Place Your Deposits! You can usually budget around $250 per person for you and your fiance’s travel deposit and an average of $500USD to save your date at the venue
    • We provide email Save the Dates and a Wedding Website for all of our couples so you can get all the information out to your guests fast. Check out a sample website here. Invites go out now!
    • Now it is time to introduce you to the on-site wedding coordinator you will be working with! We support throughout the planning process, don’t worry.
    • We know you like to know as your guests book in, therefore as guests place their deposits, we email you every Friday so you can stay up to date with who has RSVP’d.
    • After the guest deposit deadline (usually about 2-3 months after you sign your contract), we now have a tentative guest count!
    • There is usually a lull in action here where you work through the wedding planning information that the resort sent, although we are here when you need us. Now couples add us to their Pinterest board so we can help with inspiration and/or create a Facebook group/event so we can keep their guests excited and informed! Though these months aren’t action packed, there are still lots of decisions! For instance, hiring a photographer, creating your day-of timeline, your week-long timeline (are you hosting additional events like welcome cocktails?), your honeymoon plans, etc.
    • Around the four month mark, is usually the final payment time for yours and your guests travel! Then, you start working out the nitty-gritty details with the wedding coordinator at the resort. Home Stretch!
    • 1 month to go! In the last month, we will work together to finalize everything with the resort and the e-tickets are released so I send them out to all of your guests!
    • Adios Amigos! You’ve arrived and will finally meet your wedding planner to finalize the details (and drop off decor) for your wedding. Although we are not there with you, we are only an email away. By this point, you know how quick we are to respond to emails so you don’t need to stress.
    • Enjoy Your Wedding Day! Don’t forget to send us pictures! By now, we are basically besties and are almost as emotionally invested in your wedding as you are.

    Let's Get Started