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Package #1
This is our most popular package and it is completely free for the wedding couple. If you are comfortable working directly with the on-site wedding planning yourself, but you want help choosing a location/venue and coordinating travel for your guests, this is the perfect package for you. You don't pay any extra and the resort/tour operator pays us a commission for organizing everything for you. We know weddings are expensive, which is why we are happy to offer this free option.
Package #2
Would you rather someone take care of the details for you? With this package, We help you choose a location/venue for your wedding, but instead of introducing you to the wedding planner you will continue to work with us directly and we take care of the "back and forth" planning process for you. Just think of you being the CEO, in charge of all of the ideas, and us as your COO, in charge of turning your ideas into a plan. We also coordinate the travel plans for you and your guests. This package starts at $500 CAD.
Package #3
This is our most complete package. Not only do we help you with the location/venue search and coordinate travel for your guests, we also get on the plane and escort your group. You'll be surprised how much you love having us around! One of your guests is running late for your welcome cocktails? We will run around the resort to find them! The resort wants to charge an enormous set up fee for 15 mins of work? We can take care of that for you. This package is subject to quote but generally falls between $2000-$4000 CAD (including travel).

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