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5 Huge Advantages to an Off Site Venue You Might Not Know

April 20, 2023

Off Site Venue Advantages

There are so many off site wedding advantages! The idea of off site venues isn’t new, but it is rising in popularity FAST. As fast as destination weddings in general, really. Before, when a couple booked a consultation, it was almost assumed that they would get married at the all inclusive resort they stayed at. This definitely seems like an easier option, until you realize not only are you trying to choose a resort that both your grandma and five year old nephew will love, you ALSO need the resort to offer great wedding packages. Suddenly, this easy option becomes a lot more complicated.

This post was originally published in 2020 but has been updated in 2023.

[PSSSST: So glad you found us here! It can be so frustrating to spend hours searching for wedding planning information when a majority of what you find online is either *so old* or completely geared toward all inclusive resort weddings. WE MADE THIS FOR YOU. In this 100+ page guide, there is information about all inclusive weddings (of course) but there is also PAGES & PAGES of budgeting, hiring vendors (when they aren’t all put in a nice little package for you), choosing a destination, arranging travel for your guests OUTSIDE of an all inclusive and so much more]

(Psst: This is Part 2 in a 3 Part Series about off site wedding venues! Head to Part One where we highlight a few of our favourite off-site venues or head to Part Three where we talk about misconceptions about off site wedding venues!)

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider an Off Site Venue for Your Wedding Plans

There are so many reasons why and Off Site Venue may be the perfect match for your Destination Wedding Venue but we just want to highlight a few of the “main” ones. At the very core, more and more wedding couples are choosing to look off the resort for a wedding venue because they want CHOICE. Wedding couples don’t want to have to settle for a resort that they don’t love because they have good wedding packages or chose a resort they love and settle for the wedding package. You also want PRIVACY. Overwhelmingly, engaged couples have shared their preference for choosing resorts that only perform one wedding per day.

The disadvantage is that this is getting more and more rare. Some resorts are now up to 6 weddings per day (and almost every all inclusive resort does at least 2 per day)! YIKES! It is a little less romantic when you think that during your one week stay you could potentially see over twenty other weddings. Nothing is worse than feeling like you are getting married in a “wedding factory” as one bride so delicately put it!

Reason #1 You Don’t Need to Choose a Resort Based On Their Wedding Packages

Off site venues offer more choices to personalize your wedding and more choices on where to stay. One of the biggest struggles is choosing a resort all of your guests would love that also has amazing wedding packages. Choosing to have your wedding off site allows you to choose a resort that suits your guests regardless of the wedding offers. You can chose a resort to stay at that has other priorities like great food or an adults only pool with babysitting service.

One of the best parts of a destination wedding is the week you spend with all of your guests. You leave with so many memories! We only mention this because sometimes wedding couples want to offer their guests the option to “just book anywhere” so the guests can choose for themselves which resort best suits their vacation style. You are just thrilled that they are attending the wedding, right? Although we know couples mean well, guests often like having clear options laid out for them, especially if they have never traveled before. CONFUSED GUESTS ARE NEVER HAPPY GUESTS. Another problem with this if that certain destinations, the Mayan Riviera for example, expand along a coast and you could have resorts that are an hour and a half away from each other – not ideal for visiting with your guests!


Plus, keep in mind you also get GROUP RATES when you organize the travel through a travel agent AND the ability for your guests to make payment plans towards their trip. A better option would be choosing two resorts for your guests to choose from (ideally side by side sister resorts but that’s up to you!) Maybe you want to chose an adults only resort and a family friendly options for example? Or a budget option and a more luxurious option?

Reason #2 Privacy / Exclusivity

Like we mentioned, more and more resorts are moving towards hosting multiple weddings per day. While (most!) resorts do a pretty good job of making sure you feel like your wedding is the only one, the reality is you may be passing by other brides on your wedding day. Another disadvantage is that it is almost impossible to prevent onlookers or people walking by your wedding that end up in your beautiful wedding pictures. Although most people are respectful and won’t try and interfere, there are no guarantees. Even good intentions (people who watch but don’t get in the way) can take a little magic out of your day, especially if you are a more private person.

Borghinvilla Feature

Off Site Venues - Borghinvilla Montego Bay Jamaica Wedding
Photographer Manuela Stefan Photography – Venue: Borghinvilla Wedding Venue –

We love Jamaica so this dreamy off site venue gets an extra shout out. Borghinvilla is on two acres of lush tropical gardens, beach and cliffs – that is a lot of privacy! You won’t have any uninvited guests at your wedding or in your photos and you definitely won’t pass any other brides on your way to your ceremony! Borghinvilla only hosts one wedding per day (with no start times or end times) so you really enjoy the exclusive use of the entire venue (including the air conditioned, ocean view walkout bridal suite for you to get ready in).

On top of that, Borghinvilla also doesn’t charge ANY outside vendor fees so you can chose your own photographer, wedding planner, caterer and more! Not ALL off site venues don’t charge outside vendor fees though so make sure to double check! Read our post about choosing a photographer (and everything you need to know about outside vendor fees) here. Outside vendor fees are easily one of the top complaints when having your wedding at a resort.

Reason #3 You get to customize every detail

If you are looking for a “true” wedding planning experience, an off site venue is likely a great choice. Choosing a “not all inclusive” venue often allows more freedom to customize every single detail. Don’t get me wrong, you can customize your wedding at an all inclusive resort too but off the resort you are typically not starting with a package. Every single thing is “a la carte” and you unique to your love story. There is something a bit more special when you are “starting from scratch).

Reason #4 You are not limited to destinations where all inclusive resorts are available

If you have your heart set on an off site menu, you also have a lot more options in terms or “where in the world” you take your guests on an adventure. Do you and your fiancé love golf? Maybe Palm Springs has your eye. Do you want a dreamy ocean front cliff venue? What about Greece.

Although the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a destination wedding might be Mexico or Jamaica, the reality is there are so many incredible destinations only a plane ride away.

Reason #5 The WOW Factor

Sorry, there really is no other name for this. There is a WOW factor that your guests experience when you invite them to something off site that is truly special and unique for you and them alike. Your guests will not have seen anything like this before. And especially as destination weddings become more popular, even though they are still beautiful, it is becoming harder and harder to get a true WOW.

Off Site Venue Advantages

Hopefully this has given you more than enough inspiration to consider choosing an off site venue! There are definite pros to choosing an off site venue and for the right couple, it might be just what you are looking for.

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