Our 3 Best Tips for Attending a Destination Wedding SOLO.


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Our 3 Best Tips for Attending a Destination Wedding SOLO.

January 24, 2023

Traveling to an All Inclusive Resort Alone - Packing

Traveling to an All-Inclusive Resort Alone (Possibly for a Destination Wedding?) Our Best Tips.

Going to a wedding solo is usually average at best, but what about when that wedding lasts for 7 days? First let me just say, there is no shade thrown at our single friends and that we know first hand that being alone, can actually be pretty great! As travel agents, we are no stranger to single occupancy, so we thought we would share our best tried & true tips for getting the most out of your solo all inclusive experience! Although if you are reading this you might be nervous about traveling to an all inclusive resort alone – we think you are really going to have a GREAT time!

This post was originally published in 2020 but has been updated in 2023.

Traveling to an All Inclusive Resort Alone - Packing
Photo by Brandless on Unsplash

Another side note: A Plus One is usually implied with a destination wedding invite. If you are nervous about traveling solo, feel free to invite a friend along :). ALWAYS double check with the wedding couple to be sure! Sometimes venues have limited space so although your friend can tag along on the trip, it is worth checking for the wedding day!

Another side note: We aren’t covering safety in this post because there are numerous blogs dedicated to that (we love Adventurous Kate!). If you have any questions and want to reach out, feel free to Contact Us. Always exercise safety when travelling abroad. Okay, now let’s move on!

1. If not all categories include it, upgrade yourself to a category with room service.

Where are my introverts at? You deserve this. Trust, even if you never order room service, you will appreciate having the option. On vacation, there might be a morning or two where you want to spend a little extra time with numero uno and have a lazy breakfast on your balcony. I am SHOCKED by the amount of people who say they never order room service. I take full advantage whenever I travel. Although I have ZERO issues dining alone, sometimes a breakfast delivery or a late night snack is just what I need.

Solo Travel Tips - Woman on Beach
Photo by Cody Black on Unsplash

2. Date Yourself.

Fun fact: I almost never really wear makeup outside of client meetings and wedding days. But when I was a waitress, one of the companies I worked at had a motto “when you look good, you feel good”. And it’s true. So if it is true for you too, don’t hesitate to spend a little extra time getting ready for you dinner date: party of one.

3. Be Unapologetic about Dining Alone.

There may be other members of the destination wedding group or even just friendly strangers who see you dining alone and invite you to join them. This is incredibly considerate, but don’t feel obligated to accept their offer if you aren’t feeling it. There are times when I would much prefer my own company than two hours of small talk – even though they were incredibly sweet to offer! My best tip for this is to bring a book or something to do to dinner. You don’t NEED to even open it, but when somebody asks you to join it is easier to say “actually I was going to read this but thank you!” then “I was actually planning on scrolling social media on my phone which sounds better than talking to you!”. Be unapologetic about wanting to dine alone, but having something DOES make it easier to decline the offer.

Chosing an All Inclusive for Solo Travel

Not attending a wedding? Here is a quick bonus tip if you have a say where you stay.

Decide on the Vibe.

Don’t discount a couple’s resort! This might sound weird, but I am a huge fan of Couples/Adults Only resorts when I am solo. There are many resorts now (specifically bigger resorts) that are great if you want to mix and mingle with other people if that’s what you want. If you are going to meet people, definitely look for a resort that focuses on fun & seems active. There are even dedicated singles resorts if that is your thing! But for those who want to spend a little time with me, myself and I – a couples resort or something smaller ensures you don’t have strangers making small talk with you every ten seconds. It also makes it more likely that you get yourself a king bed.

[PSSSST: So glad you found us here! It can be so frustrating to spend hours searching for wedding planning information when a majority of what you find online is either *so old* or completely geared toward all inclusive resort weddings. WE MADE THIS FOR YOU. In this 100+ page guide, there is information about all inclusive weddings (of course) but there is also PAGES & PAGES of budgeting, hiring vendors (when they aren’t all put in a nice little package for you), choosing a destination, arranging travel for your guests when you are planning destination weddings that are not all inclusive and so much more]

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