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How To Plan a Hotel Wedding (infographic!)


Guest Post: How to Plan a Hotel Wedding

YAYYY! We love our guest posters 🙂 Today’s post is brought to you by Killarney hotels and we couldn’t be more thrilled! We are really loving all the Ireland inspiration coming our way lately! In our humble opinion, this is the perfect way to spend a Monday #WeLoveWeddingPlanning

Do you dream of having your destination wedding at a luxury hotel? Read this infographic to learn how you can make your dream a reality!

Recent years have seen more and more couples forego the traditional practice of holding the ceremony and reception in separate locations. Instead, many modern brides and grooms are choosing to hold their wedding festivities in a luxurious hotel setting. Whether it’s a far flung destination wedding or something a bit closer to home, hotels are both a practical and a romantic venue choice for your big day.

Hotels: An Ideal Venue Choice for Destination Weddings

As the below infographic outlines, there are many reasons why you should consider hosting your wedding at a hotel. Hotels are a particularly sensible choice for destination weddings as they offer plentiful accommodation to house all your guests. What’s more, many hotels offer a range of activities in which guests can partake during their free time before and after the big event. Another major plus is that experienced staff can provide local knowledge and insight to help ensure that everyone gets the most out of the experience.

Learn More About How to Plan A Hotel Wedding

This infographic from The Killarney Hotels provides a handy checklist as well as some expert insights to help keep your hotel wedding planning on track.


 How to Plan a Hotel Wedding


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