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did you know that love at first travel actually started as a blog? nEEDLESS TO SAY, WE HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED IN EMPOWERING COUPLES TO PLAN THEIR WEDDING THEIR WAY.



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Summer Promotion: Free Welcome Bags


How to Plan Your Destination Wedding

Wow, it has been a while since our last blog post! Things have been incredibly busy around here at Love at First Travel but we are back and ready with a brand new SUMMER PROMOTION! How to Plan Your Destination Wedding? You Don’t! You Hire a Travel Agent or Wedding Planner to do the heavy lifting for you. I know us millennials like to DIY everything but seriously, stop making it harder on yourselves. Especially when we have this sweet promotion right now.

Free Welcome Bags

free welcome bags - destination wedding planning sale


If you are reading this, we know you are already aware of the perks of a destination wedding. But just in case you are not, here is a comparison from the new Transat Wedding Brochure. Transat loves destination weddings!

destination wedding chart comparing local weddings


Now you are convinced (right?!).You should reach out using the link below and start the conversation about your destination wedding plans!! If you contact us now, and you save your date by August 31st for your destination wedding… your ENTIRE WEDDING GROUP is getting welcome bags on us. Click here to get started. We can’t wait!

destination wedding planners - cabo wedding design
Who is Love at First Travel

Are you new around here? Here is a super short introduction. We are a small team of two travel agents and wedding planners (Kara & Brittany) based in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 🇨🇦 We LOVE what we do and we are both former destination brides.

We offer both travel agent services (complimentary for you and your guests – still qualifies for the free wedding bag promotion) and full-service destination wedding planning. If you are wondering if you really need full-service planning, or if you can make it work with just travel agent services and the on-site wedding coordinator, click here and read who you need to hire.

If you have questions, let us know! We are happy to help and you can always contact us here.

Couples Tower Isle Destination Wedding - Adults Only

Image Courtesy of Couples Resorts : Our Favourite Adults Only Chain in Jamaica

Terms and Conditions for the Free Welcome Bags

With all good things, there are a few terms and conditions (they are reasonable – we promise).

💎 You must have your contract signed and place your deposit for the travel portion ($500CAD – $250/person for each member of the wedding couple) before midnight on August 31st, 2019. For more information on timelines regarding your BUDGET, click here.

💎 Your Destination Wedding Travel Dates must be COMPLETED by October 31, 2020. Sorry to all you planners! Unfortunately, because we have made this promotion work with help from a few of our favourite welcome bag vendors, we have to be strict on this. And honestly? Sometimes more time is not always better for your guests (we know your intentions are good – giving them more time to save – but trust us, it really does not work that well). 12-14 months is the sweet spot!

💎 Welcome Bags will be delivered to the wedding couple about a month before the departure date (after final payment time). It is the responsibility of the wedding couple to hand out the bags to their guests UNLESS we have also been hired for full wedding planning services. These welcome bags are sure to impress. Take a look at our favourite things here.

💎 The Wedding Couple absolutely will have some say in the style/items in the bag. Ultimately, the decisions are up to us and our vendors. Trust us when we say we want these bags to fit your vision though! (We know that we look good when you look good 😉.)

🇨🇦 Valid for Canadian Couples Only. We love you all but right now we are only booking Canadian couples and their guests. ❤️

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