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Can I Blog For You? How we find our dream couples (they find US).

March 30, 2020

love at first travel - edmonton based destination wedding planner
Hi fellow wedding pros, I’m Kara – a destination wedding planner 

&& I believe you can (and should) find ideal clients through blogging. I strongly believe if your last blog post was from 2019, the very least you can do is change the freaking date. If you are using this surprising downtime to work “on” your business and are deciding what to focus on, content marketing should be at the top of this list. And good news? We just started offering Blog Writing for Wedding Planners.

Don’t have time (or simply aren’t good at it)? Outsource it. You WILL see an ROI.

love at first travel - edmonton based destination wedding planner

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Fun fact: I started this blog post a couple weeks ago and I think it is safe to say the world has turned upside down since then. Immediately I thought about waiting to experiment with this at another time, but I actually think now is the PERFECT time to talk about finding couples to work with (because as we all already know, we are going to be working hard in 2021). Let’s try and fill next year with dream clients for you, shall we?

Here is the thing: I am going to spill how I get to work with the dreamiest clients in the dreamiest locations. I am going to explain how BLOGGING is where 90% of our “leads” (AKA: Amazing couples planning destination weddings) come from. And YES, I (Kara) am going to start offering blogging services if you can’t add one more thing to your plate. Fun fact: I am a course collector and STRONGLY believe in the power of DONE FOR YOU services. You don’t need to learn how to blog better if it’s not your thing. You DO need to outsource it if your not doing it though!

How to get Destination Wedding Clients


How Do I Find Clients as a Wedding Planner or Travel Agent?

We are literally asked this CONSTANTLY because in just a few short years, we are now lucky enough to get clients on (basically) auto pilot. And they find us. Yes, this is a result of MANY hours trying to get couples to notice us in Facebook groups, instagram posts and stories, commenting on other social platforms, WeddingWire/The Knot advertising (yes… we did this too), and countless hours googling the latest and greatest marketing tips. Been there, done that. Did not care for it. Do not want the T-shirt,

After all that, guess what? Blogging has consistently brought the most ROI. Even better than that, blogging doesn’t bring in “everyone and anyone”. Have you ever finally won the “comment on a Facebook post looking for a wedding planner” game only to realize the OP’s expectations and budget are… not a great fit? You chose the blog topics that YOU want to talk about, which likely also appeal to couples you want to work with. It has definitely worked for us! Instead of dreaming of a client who wants to get married at *dream bucket list venue here* you can write a blog feature about it and then clients who are searching for that venue FIND YOU.


Find Ideal Clients through Blogging

Does Blogging Really Work for Wedding Vendors?

Blog posts last FOREVER (and they are GREAT for SEO). So you can write them now, and update them throughout the years to make sure that as your ideal client evolves, your blog posts are still working hard to attract them for you (because if you have been in the biz for a while, you know your ideal client WILL evolve). I used to just bury old blog posts but now, I update them. The bones are still good but as we get better every year, so do our blog posts.

We use social media to constantly drive traffic to our website. But to be honest? A majority of traffic comes from our friends at google and Pinterest. This just in: Google and Pinterest both LOVE content (blogs!). So all that talk about your website working 24/7 for you? The more content you have on your website, the more chances you have to show up for people who are actually looking for you.

Wedding Blogger - I blog for wedding vendors

Have you considered hiring a blog writer to take care of your content marketing?

If you have an inactive blog on your site, I would love to chat with you about service options. This is a brand new service – Blog Writing for Wedding Planners – for us so our pricing is going to be hella competitive. Remember your first day of coordinator gig you charged $100 for? Let’s chat. I hope you are as excited as I am.

Fill Out the contact form below to get in touch and we can chat further. I am happy to blog about a topic you have on your mind (EXCEPT COVID-19 because #Boundaries) or I can have a look at your current blog and suggest a few ideas. YAY! I’m already warming up my coffee and can’t wait to get started.


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