Why Cuba Might be the next Hot Spot for Canadians Looking for a Destination Wedding


[EDIT: This post was written before travel between the USA and Cuba was uncertain. With constant change I can’t guarantee the accuracy of this post at any given time but will be happy to research and confirm any questions at the time of booking a trip]

I attended a destination wedding seminar the other day and there was information on Destination Weddings in Cuba and they blew my mind.

For comparison sake, here is a simplified idea of what you need to get married in Mexico legally :
  • Valid Passport (you need this to go to Mexico anyway)
  • Long form of your birth certificate
  • Letter of No Marriage Registration (processed in Chetumal, Quintana Roo)
  • Original blood test & Medical certificate (this causes you to need to be in Mexico at least three business days before the wedding)
  • Four witnesses
  • Usually a fee (between 1000USD and 1500USD on average for your wedding resort to organize everything for you)

Basically, there is enough here that most couples choose to get married at home before or after.

But in Cuba, here is what you need to get married legally:
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • That’s it!

I knew the requirements varied from island to island but I had no idea that it could be so easy. To me, it would have been really nice to choose to have a legal wedding as opposed to the symbolic ceremony that we chose.

With all that said, here is why I felt like I would definitely never get married in Cuba (and why I believe these factors won’t be as relevant a year from now):

Most of our guests have actually never been to an all inclusive resort before. In some ways this is fantastic because they are less likely to compare our wedding resort to (possibly nicer) resorts that they had visited before but on the other hand really increased the pressure of choosing an amazing resort.

For guests who usually don’t indulge on vacations our wedding would be even more memorable and hopefully would even encourage our guests to go on vacation more often! Because you hear such mixed reviews on Cuba (specifically the food!), I couldn’t risk having guests who had never left the country having a less than fantastic time at my wedding and then never travelling again.

Some of our guests were travelling from the USA.

Travel between the USA and Cuba is now getting easier so it probably won’t be a factor a few years from now. But, it would have been a deterrent for our guests from the south if they had to jump through hoops to sign up for the wedding.

Jumping back to my first point, I really believe a year from now the food will improve in Cuba. That is one of the benefits to the improved relationships between the USA and Cuba.

What do you think? Is Cuba going to be a hot destination wedding location ? It’s definitely one of the more affordable Caribbean islands! Can you imagine the amazing wedding photos you could take with those retro cars?!

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