Let’s Talk Weekend Getaway Ideas !


Who’s needs Weekend Getaway Ideas to help get ready for a May long weekend? Goodness knows we have earned it 😉 I don’t want to jinx it but it actually looks like we might have some Decent weather too!!  First time for everything I guess – time to celebrate! These hot spots make PERFECT destinations for minimoons or earlymoons (pre-wedding honeymoons). If you are looking for a weekend away with your significant other, these are my TOP 8 Suggestions.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada



I am so in love with this city and I know I am not the only one. There have been times in my life when Vancouver has literally felt like my second home. Vancouver takes my breath away every single time. Although I haven’t been able to visit as much in the past few years (I spend my vacation days exploring Mexico and the Caribbean for work #hardknocklife) there was a time when I would go three or four times a year MINIMUM. I guess you could say I have always been an ocean person. From exploring Granville Island to Walking around Stanley Park, their downtown is filled with beautiful scenes. Looking for some amazing shopping? Robson Street is practically famous. Visiting in the summer? Granville Street is closed to traffic so you can enjoy walking through the “entertainment district”.

I can’t put the feeling Vancouver gives me into words. This city will inspire you to sell your car and live in a 500 square foot apartment (if you are lucky!). It is THAT good.

Page, Arizona, USA



Natural Wonders Enthusiasts – this one if for you! Between Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon, Page needs to be on your bucket list. About two hours north of the Grand Canyon, these really are a natural wonder. Both Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon are worth a visit – and both are a relatively easy hike. TIP: You should reserve a tour for Antelope Canyon ahead of time. Horseshoe Bend is free to visit so no tour is required. It’s hot so make sure to drink lots of water! If you don’t want to hike, you can also splurge and indulge in a helicopter tour to really be mesmerized.

Want a little more beach time on your vacation? Lake Powell is not too far away and is worth a visit anyway. Lake Powell sits on the border of Arizona and Utah and is the second largest man made reservoir in the USA and is absolutely breathtaking.


San Francisco, California, USA


I’ve been high, I’ve been low – I’ve been yes, and I’ve been oh, hell no!
I’ve been rock ‘n roll and disco,
Won’t you save me San Francisco?


San Francisco is home to the Golden Gate Bridge and so much more! A lot of times we think of Los Angeles when we think of California but there are many places in Northern California we should be giving our attention to! San Francisco is a perfect getaway for those who want incredible nightlife, world-class restaurants, and shopping.  Enjoy Fisherman’s Wharf – San Francisco’s famous waterfront community. Again, San Francisco made it on this list because of the amazing energy of this city.

Prefer to see something creepy? You can also visit Alcatraz, the notorious prison located on an island off the coast. No prisoner has said to have ever escaped “the Rock”.

Niagara Falls, Canada and the USA



Ahh, Niagara Falls. Search #ExploreNiagara for just a few photos of how incredible this place is. Canadians can fly into YYZ (Toronto) or YMC (Hamilton) and then hop on a bus or train (or book a tour) that will take you to the Niagara falls. Adventure-junkies will enjoy helicopter rides, zip lines and other adrenaline filled tours here but it is pretty amazing to just enjoy the view and watch the falls. The “Table Rock” lookout spot is said to have one of the best (free) views but keep in mind the earlier the better because it does get crowded with tours. There is more to Niagara Falls than “just the falls” although that is a highlight! You can also enjoy shopping, WINE tours and more. This weekend getaway is best enjoyed in the summer because of the weather although it is more crowded then as well.


Salt Flats, Utah, USA


The Salt Flats in Bolivia have been on my bucket list FOREVER. You should have seen my face when I discovered there was a similar attraction in Utah. This is a natural wonder so unique it really can’t be explained. The photo opportunities are truly endless – imagine 30,000 acres of photo ops! Plus, they are free to visit. These make a perfect weekend getaway for those of you that just want to spend a weekend exploring and feeling inspired. I highly recommend you rent a car to give you more freedom to explore! The Salt flats are located about an hour and a half west of Salt Lake City.

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada



When you think Quebec, you may think of fashion capital Montreal. But Quebec City? Nothing could be more romantic than strolling along the “Old Quebec City” district. Or maybe taking a river ferry along the Saint Lawrence to the Montmorency Waterfalls is something you and your significant other would enjoy? You will also find amazing historical architecture in Quebec City and almost a “small town” feel even though it is a big city. Quebec City should definitely be on your radar if you are looking for some old town magic in your life.


French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA


I am sure you may have thought about heading down to New Orleans for Mardi Gras before, right? The festivals are incredible and Nick and Rachel’s date on the Bachelor looked pretty incredible, am I right? It kind of pushed it up toward the top of my list for a weekend getaway! Mardi Gras is at the beginning of March but you don’t need to wait until next year to plan your visit here – I promise there are more things to do! Got some spare vacation days in August? That is New Orleans’ COOLinary month where over one hundred restaurants create custom meals ALL MONTH LONG. Foodies – are you hearing me? There is also no shortage of festivals!


Las Vegas, Arizona, USA


Viva Las Vegas! Sin City! The City of Lights! Whatever you want to call Las Vegas, this city was made for weekend getaway ideas. Although not quite the “budget” destination like it once was, you can still occasionally score a good deal if you are willing to go during the week or be flexible with your dates! Just don’t forget to budget the hefty $35USD per day resort tax! That being said, you can truly spend as much or as little as you want when spending the weekend in Vegas. Whether you want to bet your rent money on a slot machine (not recommending) or spend your day at the hotel pool, your options are endless! Many of the hotels have free shows as well like Circus Circus or the Fountains at the Bellagio (Check out this fountain and take pics like you are an actor in Ocean 11. They have free shows Monday to Friday Fountain every 30 minutes from 3:00pm to 8:00pm and every 15 minutes from 8:00pm to 12:00am). There is even a Wildlife Habitat at the Flamingo Hotel.

When you are on the strip, you can truly feel like you are around the world. Of course you can (and should!) also explore Fremont Street which is full vintage rocker vibes and is definitely the up and coming neighborhood of Vegas!


Weekend Getaway Ideas


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