There are so many reasons why Spain makes an amazing destination. Foodies will love the Mediterranean diet of healthy, delicious food and eating habits that allow for sharing and social interaction. Spanish culture is reflective of how many different types of people it attracts. It is more than just a classic beach destination, visitors want to embrace the culture. Spain currently has the second highest number of UNESCO sites in the world because of how many historical and archaeological monuments that have been preserved throughout the country.

All over the country you will find an array of different festivals that are usually of religious origin. Most of the festivals take place over the summer months with one of the most popular being the running of the bulls festival in Pamplona – definitely a bucket list festival.

Destination Weddings:  Unfortunately this is another destination where paperwork is a little bit trickier for legal ceremonies so I recommend hiring someone on-site to help you or having a symbolic ceremony. It is still a great choice for destination weddings (in my opinion!) because of how beautiful the scenery is and how high it rates on many bucket lists (like your guests)!

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Spain’s Official Tourism Portal

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