Always dreamed of a Unique Destination Wedding? Or possibly a really Unique Honeymoon? When people think “Destination Wedding,” they often think of white sand beaches, sapphire blue water, and palm trees waving softly in the breeze. While tropical locales are a popular choice for destination weddings, there are also a ton of unique, off-the-beaten path locations for the couple who wants something different! (Still into the idea of a tropical destination wedding? Click here to see some of our favorites!)





Yes, Cuba is still technically a “tropical” location – it has stunning beaches and a temperate climate, and plenty of those palm trees. That being said, it’s still a unique location for your destination wedding! Many Americans haven’t been able to travel there because of political reasons, but here in Canada, we’re lucky to be able to go there freely! Cuba’s interesting history, amazing food, and rich culture can be the perfect backdrop for your unique destination wedding. Cuba’s classic cars make the perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding photos! Click here to learn more about a Cuban destination wedding or honeymoon.





Can you think of anything more romantic than to say “I Do” in the city of lights? It sounds like a dream, but it can totally be possible. You may have though about getting married with the eiffel tower in the background but another option would be to get married in the French countryside – think of rolling hills, fresh food from the local farms, and a stunning chateau as a backdrop. You can then honeymoon in Paris, or head to the South of France and the beaches! Click here to learn more about the options for a destination wedding in France.





“Germany?” You might be thinking. “Really?” Yes! The German countryside can be an unforgettable location for your destination wedding. It’s full of unreal landscapes, historic castles, and amazing food. Your guests will be thrilled to join you on such an interesting trip, and with the picturesque mountains and unbelievable vistas, your wedding will be like something out of a fairy tale. Click here to read a little more about Germany.




Lately, it feels as though most of our clients have Greece on their mind. And with picturesque views like the above photo in Santorini, who can blame them? It is definitely destination wedding and honeymoon worthy. You can spend a week on one island exploring, or you can island hop throughout your trip and visit Ios or Mykynos. You will probably fly into Athens so make sure to spend a few days there checking sights off your bucket list!




If you guests will sacrifice the 30 hour flight to get there, I promise it is worth it. Everyone is constantly surprised at how affordable LUXURY accommodations are. Especially for Destination Weddings, wedding couples can find amazing value in Thailand. This is definitely a location where you can’t trust that what you see on the internet will be what you show up to, so make sure to use an experienced travel agent who can recommend the right property or company for you. Wanna work with me? Fill out the short form below!





Indonesia is more than just Bali although Bali is probably one of the most incredible destinations in the world! Ever watch Eat Pray Love? chances are, you have thought about adding Bali to your bucket list and a honeymoon is a perfect excuse. This is another destination where you can find absolute luxury at a more affordable price (I am talking about hotels with private plunge pools for under $100/night…). Vegan? Ubud, Bali is one of the most vegan friendly places in the world!!





If none of the above destinations surprised you, hopefully this one did! Guatemala is a gorgeous place for a destination wedding and their tourist board is going all out to get the word out about this fantastic destination! Earlier I talked about Thailand and Bali offering incredible value if you and your guests can tolerate a 30 hour plane ride – Guatemala is the answer! Incredible pricing with a MUCH shorter flight from Canada. It is kind of a win-win destination for all involved.


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