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Are You Looking for a Canadian Travel Agent?


I work with couples all across Canada but am based in Edmonton. If you are in Edmonton and want to chat, I would love to meet you for coffee and your favorite local coffee shop. Are you in one of the many other wonderful Canadian cities? Even though we are Edmonton based, I would love to chat via email, a phone call, or even skype! You can read more about me here to see if I am a good fit as well. At Love at First Travel, we believe that Love is Love and All Couples are Welcome. For Destination Weddings, I offer three different destination wedding planning packages so check out the details below so we can get started.


Unbeatable Service. Guaranteed.


Regardless of the package you choose, you will receive the best service I can offer. In fact, I won’t ask you to commit to a package right away at all!  One of the first steps when it comes to destination wedding planning is finding the destination wedding professional that you want to work with.  My biggest recommendation for you is to find somebody that you feel comfortable with. It helps if you genuinely like them too! You are going to be talking to this person a lot so you want someone who is the right fit. This is always important, but especially if they are going to be in destination with you.  Do they understand your wedding vision ?   Do they seem to genuinely care about what you were looking for at a wedding destination? Are they a dog person or a cat person?


luxury travel - before you chose a destination wedding package

Before you Choose a Package


When you first reach out to me whether that’s through an email or a phone consultation: my top priority is finding out what your top priorities are. From there, I work tirelessly with you to find your dream wedding destination and venue. Once we have it narrowed down we can start playing around with dates and tour operators to start negotiating your contract! From start to finish this process can take anywhere from one week to several months. It depends how long it takes for us to find the one 💕

Once you have the contract in place, we can start planning the wedding.  At this point, you need to decide which package you would like to choose. Do you want to be hands on when it comes to the wedding planning? Do you want to relax and let me take care of the details? Something in the middle? I help you choose the package that best fit what you are looking for. And remember, you will receive the same high-quality communication and service, regardless of the package you choose.


package one - destination wedding travel agent


Package #1 : The “I Just Want a Destination Wedding Travel Agent” Package


If you want to handle all of the wedding details yourself – this is the package for you.  After we get your group contract in place,  I virtually introduce you to the on-site wedding coordinator and you take it from there.  I will focus on taking care of your guests, and you can focus on the wedding.  Most of my couples choose to CC me on all the interactions with the wedding coordinator so I can help if needed and stay up to date with what is happening. You’ll never be alone.  You can reach out and ask me questions anytime as well.

This package includes all of the basics and is completely free for the wedding couple.



Package #2: The “I Want My Destination Wedding Travel Agent To Plan My Wedding With the Resort” Package


If one of the reasons you chose to have a destination wedding was to help make the planning easier, this package is for you. After I help you choose a wedding package and venue, instead of virtually introducing you to the wedding coordinator, I only send you the necessary wedding information. I handle all the communication between you and the resort so that nothing gets lost in translation. This package doesn’t include full blown wedding planning (which is why it doesn’t cost anywhere near that).  It is more meant for me to offer that extra service and help keep you organized when it comes to communication with the resort.

One of the most frustrating part about wedding planning as often how it takes the resorts forever to get back to you when you ask a question.  Not only does is this frustrating because you are waiting on the answer, often things can get missed as well as there is so much time in between communications. I will still help all of your guests with their travel, but I will also help you coordinate the wedding planning.

Because this process is often time consuming, I charge $500 for this package. Payment Plans Available.



Package #3: The “I Want a Destination Wedding Travel Agent/Local Wedding Planner/On-Site Coordinator/BFF Combined into One Person” Package


No matter which package you choose, I will be with you every step of the way. But with this package, I will literally be in destination with you, so that I can be with you every step of the way.  Depending on how far away your wedding is,  we will schedule biweekly or monthly touch points to make sure we were on track with all of the wedding planning.  I take care of everything with the resort as well to make sure the wedding is everything that you have imagined. I work on everything: from the nitty-gritty details nobody wants to think about (Like the budget!) to the fun parts like packing welcome bags for your guests.

This package is subject to quote because there are so many variables but this package generally falls between $2000-$4000. Payment Plans Available.

Want More Details?


Wondering about which package its right for you? Or do you have questions about what is and what is not included? Contact me and I will send you more details about everything that is included in each package, as well as answer any questions you might have. I know every couples’ situation is unique, so feel free to ask me about creating a custom package as well. No matter which package you choose, I will help you with all travel related tasks and be available for any questions you may have.