Visiting these gorgeous Overwater Bungalows in spring last year was such an incredible experience – WOW. I can’t believe it took me so long to write a post about it! I am seriously holding out on you. So even though it is long overdue, I am going to be sharing lots of pictures and information about these bucket list items. I am going to save the best for last so I will talk about the El Dorado Maroma weddings and resort features first, and then toward the end, I will share the bungalow photos! Feel free to skip ahead!


El Dorado Maroma Weddings


First let me say, the resort was absolutely GORGEOUS! It is a very small boutique-style resort. There are only 100 rooms in the entire resort! They definitely have found their niche – they specialize in special anniversaries and honeymoons and very small, intimate destination weddings. They aren’t a “party” resort. The resort is best suited for couples looking for ULTIMATE relaxation. This was clear throughout my entire visit. The resort was filled with relaxed couples in a state of absolute bliss.



A quick note about the Destination Weddings: One thing that I loved about the resort is the fact that they only do a max of 2-3 weddings per week. Some resorts do three every day so this was very refreshing to hear. The coordinator I talked to said they really focus on making each and every wedding perfect so they do not rush them! I asked about the possibility of hosting bigger weddings here (as I had a couple interested) but it is just not their specialty. I am sure they would have done it but isn’t it refreshing to hear of a resort so comfortable in their clientele that they won’t try and “sell you” on their resort if you are not the right fit? El Dorado Maroma is best for small weddings and honeymooners.




They also have a beautiful chapel location that is right on the beach. It is also there backup location in case of rain. The location is just gorgeous – you walk out the front and are literally right on the beach. Keep in mind El Dorado Maroma is set on Maroma beach so the beach you are set on is one of the most incredible beaches in the entire world. There are also two different bridal suites for you and your bridal party to get ready the day of (located in the spa – GORGEOUS).



Resort Features


In case I haven’t made it clear enough, the resort was incredible. I know I just rambled on about the amazing destination wedding features but the resort was amazing in so many ways that it really is well-suited for any honeymooners or romantic trips. The resort is adults only and if you know me, you know how important I think that is 😉


They have two a la carte main restaurants, Italian and Mexican, and then between them is a private dining area that they usually reserve for a welcome dinner or rehearsal dinner (a good option if you have your wedding here). It is not “private” per say as anyone walking up to the restaurants will see it but it does have beautiful wine bottle walls that separate the room from the restaurants. The pictures do not do it justice. The food was incredible. El Dorado Maroma is part of the Karisma brand which boasts “Gourmet-Inclusive” and it really lives up to the name.



Above is the main buffet restaurant – located right on the beach!


Speaking of the beach – honestly it is perfect in every way. The man-made island was created so there are no waves/minimal undertow. You can walk out to it and only be out to your knees. The whole vibe of the resort was ultra relaxing. You can see the Palafitos in the background!


The Palafitos (or Overwater Bungalows..)


You can’t really see but it says Happy Anniversary on the door


It is all in the details. The resort is incredible and even the standard resort rooms are rather spectacular (lot of swim up rooms!) but you really reach a whole other level of service when you stay in the Palafitos. A level of service I almost didn’t realize existed. Below are sample pillows so you can choose what you like. You and your fiance/husband can have different ones and switch them everyday if you want to. On top of that, you will have a private butler at your service to take care of your requests. You will also find an ultra stocked mini fridge and Fiji water. As a palafito guest you have access to a whole separate section  (separate beach and exclusive restaurant).



Now …. on to the room (and balcony!!) drool worthy… Everything from glass bottom floors, your own snorkeling equipment chest, an outdoor shower, an indoor shower, a jacuzzi tub, an outdoor plunge pool enjoy your balcony and then head down stairs and lie on lounge chairs so close to the water you can practically reach your hand down and touch it!

Trust me my photos do NOT do these justice!



Remember how I said that as an added bonus, you also get access to a Palafito exclusive section of the resort?



If you are planning a small rehearsal dinner, they have a wonderful room you can rent out in the Palafito exclusive restaurant – the Overwater Grill and Wine Bar. Complete with glass bottom floors, it is sure to provide the wow factor you desire.



The Overwater Grill and Wine Bar


Are you feeling inspired to visit these, yet??

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