Every wonder where Blue Curaçao comes from? I never have. I have been seeing Curaçao pop up more and more on my radar with new venues opening up and more flights available for Canadians looking to visit unique and affordable destinations in the Caribbean. In a Curaçao webinar I watched last week, the first thing they said was that this tiny island is where all the Blue Curaçao comes from ! Who would have guessed it?

That webinar was a game changer for me and Curaçao has quickly risen to the top of my travel list. Let’s get to why this island is a unique destination for families and couples alike.


Where even is Curaçao?! 35km north of Venezuela, between Aruba and Bonaire
Language: English, Spanish, Dutch and Papiamentu (local, native language)
Average Temperature :27 degrees Celsius, pretty consistent year round
Religion: 80% Roman Catholic
Currency: ANG or Nafl Netherlands-Antillean Guilder
Tap water: Excellent Quality, drinkable for Canadians (*although always exercise caution abroad)
Timezone: Atlantic (GMT-4) 3 hours ahead of Edmonton (MST)

What’s so special about Curaçao anyway?

THE ATTITUDE: Live and Let Live —> Curaçao welcomes visitors of all races, orientations and religions. This little island has the most hotels and attractions with IGLTA memberships in the Caribbean

Condé Nast Traveler, one of the world’s premier travel magazines, selected Curaçao a honeymoon hot spot saying “Curaçao is unlike its fairly one-note siblings—anyone who looks beyond the tropical surface will find a distinct culture, a pronounced Latin-Caribbean vibe, some fine Dutch colonial architecture, and menus featuring some surprising specialties, from satay to cactus soup and tamales.”

For vacationers who want a little more freedom, it is one of the easiest countries navigate driving in as the laws are similar to Canadian standards.

What can you do there?

Do everything. Do nothing. Do something unexpected, uncharacteristic and totally unplanned. Do what your overwhelming sense of curiosity has been pushing you to do from the moment you woke up. Do it all here.

Visit Willemstad (the capital city) – One of the few remaining UNESCO World Heritage cities in the Caribbean. You’ll see vibrant buildings that show off Dutch colonial architecture that is not usually found outside of the Netherlands. The city is full of high-end retailers, restaurants and night life.

Mushroom Forest – Divers rejoice! Mushroom forest is an underwater jungle of mushroom-shaped star coral that are up to  10 ft ! That’s not all – vacationers can snorkel or dive in 40 different dive areas around the island.

Beaches – Waters are calm and crystal clear.

Adventures – There are many outdoor hiking trails throughout the island. Go for a walk around a salina and you may just be lucky enough to see wild flamingos in their natural habitat.Prefer something a little faster paced? Book a jeep safari. Thrill seekers can also go rock climbing or rappelling on the island.


Art – Looking at the buildings, you can guess that the people of Curaçao are not afraid of color. Perhaps adding a trip to one of the island’s art galleries should be on your list.

The list could go on… water sports, nightlife, museums, biking, golfing, shopping, yoga…

Where should I stay?

Featured All Inclusive Resort: Sunscape Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino 

You might remember this resort brand from my cheat sheet the other day. Perhaps the words Unlimited-Fun® ring a bell 😉  I chose to feature this resort even though the island has so many different accommodations to offer (most are not all inclusive) because when venturing to an island I haven’t been too or sent any client’s too (yet), I want to stick to a brand I trust. It helps that it is only fifteen minutes from the airport and five minutes from the capital city making it one of the best beach front locations on the island. This resort is also home to a National Geographic and PADI certified in-house dive center. If you enjoy gambling, the casino on site is one of the largest and most visited on the island.


Like to do some research yourself? Check out the Curaçao Tourism Board Website

What are you waiting for? Are you ready to be my first client to visit this new hot spot for Canadians? 😉

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