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First let me admit that I know I am using Caribbean a little bit loosely here – technically a few of these islands are not part of the Caribbean but they are in the same region! They are not all islands either as some countries on the tip of South America that touch the Caribbean qualify. I wish I could have hi-lighted every single one of these islands. Whether you want to swim with pigs in the Bahamas, kite surf in Aruba, or visit the Cayman Turtle Farm, the Caribbean has something for you. The Caribbean is known for it’s rich culture and gorgeous beaches so you can almost guarantee a great vacation. A few islands sit outside the hurricane belt so if you plan on doing some travelling during hurricane season I would strongly consider these destinations.

If you want to make the most of your trip by visiting a few different islands, you should strongly consider a cruise. Cruises are a great way to maximize your vacation time and makes travel really easy. To read more about the benefits of cruising you can check out my cruising experiences page here. Cruising can be a very affordable option if you are considering multiple destinations instead of flying from island to island which can add up very quickly. Enjoy your visit  from Orlando to the Bahamas and then Jamaica or wherever else the itinerary you chose might take you. No time is wasted travelling as you will usually be sleeping while the boat is moving (or dancing at the cruise bar or lounging by the pool). Cruises are also a great option if you only have a long weekend to get away. Just fly down to Miami and enjoy a 3-4 day cruise!

Destination Weddings: Like I mentioned above, if you are set on getting married in the summer time, you may want to choose an island that sits outside of the hurricane belt. You can almost guarantee a rain-free wedding day (almost!). Legal wedding restrictions are going to vary greatly from island to island so for more information if would be best to contact me (use my contact form here) and I can help you narrow down your island options. These destinations are sure to give your guests a WOW factor as they are definitely less common and it will likely be most of your guest’s first visit (don’t worry though, they will love it).

Thinking about a Destination Wedding on a more unique island in the Caribbean? Your VERY FIRST step should be downloading my FREE 9 Step Guide for Canadians Planning Destination Weddings here .


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