When you think about Jamaica Destination Weddings and Honeymoons – what comes to mind? Think gorgeous beaches, swaying palm trees, gorgeous sunsets and an overall a tropical charm that can’t be put into words, it is no contest that Jamaica is one of the most romantic places on earth. Eco-tourism is important in Jamaica and each place really embraces the spirit of Jamaica. There is such a wide variety of activities for guests of the island to enjoy: Reggae dancing, Bamboo rafting, Rum Tasting. Enjoy the Jamaica spirit of ‘All Right’.


Thinking about a Destination Wedding in Jamaica?

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Montego Bay


MoBay is a favorite resort hot spot! If you are looking for an all-inclusive experience, a majority of them are going to be found here. There is so much to do in Montego Bay that, trust me, you will never be bored. Montego Bay is home to gorgeous beaches and offers enough nightlife to entertain any visitor. Many of the resorts have discos but to make the most of your experience, you may want to head downtown. There is a reason that Montego Bay flights are constantly sold out. You are going to want to book ahead to hit up this gorgeous location. It’s definitely not the place to hope for a last minute deal!



Other Cities You Need to Get Excited About


Ochos Rios is quickly moving up on the radar as an arts, culture and shopping destination. It is one of the most frequent destinations for cruises, and if you visit you will see many “Cruisers” spend the day time in the cities. It is also the closest city to the famous Dunn’s River Falls. Dunn’s River Falls is considered one of Jamaica’s national treasures: a growing a living waterfall that continually regenerates itself. Then, there is Kingston – the capital city and the best place to take in the culture and heart of Jamaica. It is also where you will find the famous Bob Marley museum. If you enjoy long walks on the beach, Negril is home to a seven mile beach where you and your partner can walk hand in hand for hours.


Destination Weddings



Your guests will be thrilled that you choose Jamaica as your destination wedding destination. Many guests find comfort that English is the official language and the fun culture of Jamaica has likely landed it on many of your guests’ bucket lists. For the bride and groom, Jamaica is one of the easiest destinations to get legally married as well. You can get married after only 24 hours of you being on the island! You can enjoy endless greenery and beautiful beaches – is there anyone who doesn’t want the spirit of “All Right” at their wedding? I sure would!


One Final (Unfortunately Negative) Note


Unfortunately, I can’t recommend Jamaica for LGBT couples. I want you to feel comfortable with the destination you choose. Although I wish with all my heart this changes soon enough, for now I believe you will be more comfortable in one of the many other wonderful destinations.



Thinking about a Destination Wedding in Jamaica?

Your VERY FIRST step should be downloading my FREE 9 Step Guide for Canadians Planning Destination Weddings here .


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