Aloha! If you have already been to Hawaii, you know it has an off the charts customer satisfaction rate (over 98%). Over 80% of clients who go to Hawaii go again. The spirit of Aloha is just not something you can get anywhere else. It is a sense of inclusiveness and kindness in the heart and soul of Hawaiian culture. Hawaii is one of my favorite destinations to book for couples and families alike because no two trips are ever the same. There are six islands open to tourism and they are all so different. While some may choose to stay on one island per trip, others choose to take advantage of Hawaii having multiple destinations in one. There are short 30 minute flights operating several times throughout the day in between islands, ferry service between some islands, and of course cruise options as well. If you think you can’t get an all-inclusive resort experience in Hawaii, a cruise might be the perfect option for you. Hawaii has such a wide range of accommodation choices on each island from villas, condos, bed and breakfasts to resort-scale hotels.

Hawaii is home to such a range of experiences that it truly is a destination for everyone. From aerial tours of Kauai (does this remind anyone else of The Bachelor?) to guided stargazing or a sunset sail, Hawaii is definitely a top choice for romance seekers. There is definitely no shortage of outdoor activities for the adventure-type either. Hawaii offers kayaking, hiking trails, surfing, ATV touring, zip-lining, the list goes on. It is also an amazing destination for golf enthusiasts. There is no shortage of beaches for the beach-bum to lay on either!

Destination Weddings: Hawaii is one of the easiest destinations to get legally married as Canadians. It is also LGBT friendly as the state has legalized same-sex marriage. I know that for most couples, the most important criteria in a destination is ensuring your guests have an amazing time and with a 98% satisfaction rate you can almost guarantee this. Hawaii is a destination where you will need an on-site wedding planner to assist you with your wedding plans and the costs will be broken down similarly to local weddings (price per plate, for example). If you are interested in Hawaii, I can put you in touch with Hawaii’s preferred wedding planners to assist with planning your dream wedding.

Thinking about a Destination Wedding on one of the Islands of Hawaii? Your VERY FIRST step should be downloading my FREE 9 Step Guide for Canadians Planning Destination Weddings here .


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