Germany is full of history and culture that it makes a perfect destination for those seeking a truly enriching experience in their travels. Walking tours are common in main cities and are a great way to not only see the cities attractions but also for someone to explain the significance to you. If you prefer nature to history you will enjoy that over one third of Germany is designated as “National Natural Landscapes.” Hiking and cycling is strongly encouraged!

Planning a more romantic getaway? Lake Constance is a gorgeous summer destination for those who won’t vacation without a trip to some water ;). Driving down romantic road is something I always recommend because no two experiences are ever alike. Put your love lock on the bridge in Cologne. Don’t forget to visit the castle the Walt Disney was inspired by to create the Sleeping Beauty castle (Neuschwanstein Castle). There are so many choices for Germany vacation planning that it really does have something for everyone.

Destination Weddings: This might be less of a traditional destination wedding and honeymoon destination but I couldn’t help but include it in one of my favorite destinations. It makes a great group destination because it offers something for everyone. Paperwork is a little bit trickier for legal ceremonies so I recommend hiring someone on-site to help you or having a symbolic ceremony.

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