Are you ready to Explore a New City like a professional? I am so excited about this post for a few reasons! First, I love exploring new cities and Secondly, because Free Fall Travel Co. is finally open!! Crack the Champagne I am CELEBRATING! I am going to start this post a little differently. It’s half announcement and half blog post really 🙂 Read below to find out all about Free Fall Travel Co. and read my answers to a few questions you may or may not have for me! Or skip to about half way down and get my top travel tips and suggestions for making the most of a New City in 48 hours!

Introducing.. Free Fall Travel Co.


I have been talking about this BRAND NEW company in my last few posts (because I am super excited about it!) but opening day is finally today!!! Free Fall Travel Co has a serious mission: to inspire people to live their best life and realize the infinite possibilities outside of their 9-5. I can’t wait to be a part of this incredible team! 

What does Free Fall Travel Co. do exactly? Free Fall Travel Co. is made up of a team of Surprise Destination Specialists! They are a full-service travel company offering mystery vacations, “regular” vacations and they even have an option in between. But really what I love about them, is they completely embrace the idea of traveling outside your 9-5. We know not everyone can quit their day job and explore the world, so Free Fall Travel Co. is all about what you can do on weekends or your two weeks of paid vacation time every year – Hallelujah!



What does this mean for you (you = a current or future client of Love at First Travel)?


Because I have joined Free Fall Travel Co. and am part of their travel team, I want to address any and all concerns my clients might have. I have put the top three common questions that I would have if I were you but if you have a question I haven’t addressed, please reach out to me at – it is so important to me that my clients feel supported and like they are high priority (because you are).



Will you be taking on less clients now that you are a part of Free Fall Travel Co.?

A few weeks ago, I announced that I won’t be taking on any more clients until the end of June due to the demand I have had over the last couple months. Ultimately, I deal with all of my clients personally and not to toot my own horn but offering great service is the most important thing to me. I am part of a team at Free Fall Travel Co so I am in no way running this business myself, so Love at First Travel won’t be affected. If you work with me, you won’t even know that I work at Free Fall because I will be 100% available to you, the same as before. I have committed a part of my work week to Free Fall Travel Co though so yes, I will be taking on less clients. The clients I do take and the clients I have already will not be affected.

I learned a hard lesson over this past busy season (Winter 2017/2018) and that is that there is a limit to what I can do. Because I took on too much over the last few months, I am taking a pause from new clients and I will be structuring my business a little bit differently now to prevent this 80 hours + every week thing from happening again. I am currently looking into hiring onto my team, outsourcing more tasks, and other options to make sure everything runs better than ever when I reopen for new clients again 🙂



Will I still be able to book a mysterymoon through you?

Of course! But I would encourage you to book directly with Free Fall Travel Co. if you are looking for a mystery vacation in Canada or the USA. Although I can (and would love to) book a mystery vacation for you, Free Fall Travel Co. is just set up a bit better for that! Usually I send or email clients their surprise documents, but with Free Fall Travel Co. you get a little more of a wow factor with their branded surprise destination information! If you like the idea of booking through Free Fall Travel Co, you can always request that I plan your trip directly in the survey! I got you boo 😉



Will you be traveling more? Less accessible by phone? Anything like that?

As a travel agent, I do try to explore as many destinations as I can every year. Email is always, and will continue to be, the fastest way to get a hold of me. I always respond within 24 hours and usually a lot faster! You can always call or text me as well at 780-667-5877 but due to the nature of the travel industry, I usually have to follow up with an email anyway. In terms of my personal and business travel, I notify all destination wedding couples I am currently working with (whether you are in the quote process or already contracted) with as much notice as I possible whenever I leave the country. The availability of solid Wi-fi is always a top priority so I can always be reached by email.


Hopefully this helps answer any questions you may have! But really, don’t hesitate to contact me if there is something on your mind!

Now on to the reason you clicked this link…


How to Explore a New City in 48 Hours Like a Professional!


So you have decided to say Hallelujah to making the most of your weekends! Welcome – you will fit in well here 🙂 Whether you decide to go for a Surprise Destination Getaway or know exactly where you want to spend your weekend vacation, how exactly are you supposed to make the most out of 48 hours in a new city? A quick google search of San Francisco will bring up more “must-see” attractions than you could ever see in a weekend. And of course, today’s discerning traveler also wants to see some hidden gems! Don’t worry, we have gathered the best tips ad tricks for trying to get the most out of your weekend away 🙂



Do Your Research

If you only have 48 hours to explore a city, make sure you do your research.  You don’t want to show up and find out that the attraction you were looking forward to seeing sells out. This is probably counterintuitive because I literally just pitched a new company that specializes in mystery vacations but the nice thing about a professional mystery vacation company is that you have professionals doing the research for you!  I know we live in a world that is sometimes “I can DIY everything myself”. I have talked before about why you should use a travel agent, but it is worth mentioning again.  Most travel agents are going to be invaluable when it comes to planning your vacation.  Mystery vacation or not I know that I’m always emailing my clients tips and tricks about making the most of their destination ahead of time.



Make a Rough Outline of Your Plans


On top of worryingly about missing something, you also don’t want to wind up in a state of Overwhelm. A perfect example is the picture of the tourist attractions in San Francisco above.  You can’t see everything a city has to offer in 48 hours no matter how hard you try! It’s worth researching the available tourist attractions and deciding which one you really want to do and which ones your way then if you have time. If you can, try and sneak in a local event as well! Every traveler is different in terms of how much downtime they want to enjoy, but you don’t want to  schedule every minute. Hear a great tip from a local?  It would be a shame if you had no time to take advantage of it. Which brings me to my next point…



Talk to Locals

I always recommend chatting it up with locals no matter what destination you are in! I love coffee so I recommend starting with a local barista. Of course, if you are comfortable you can make conversation with anyone you pass! The one caution I would provide is when asking the hotel, they sometimes have partnered with places to recommend. Not to say the recommendations are bad – I don’t think any hotel would partner with a place that wasn’t good. It is just something to keep in mind 🙂




Take lots of photos

The weekend will likely fly by and photos are one of the best ways to remember your vacation!  Don’t just Snapchat you’re going to want to keep a few of these!  It doesn’t mean you need to bring fancy camera either. Depending on your destination and what you plan on doing you may actually want to avoid bringing an expensive camera. Can we just take the time to seriously appreciate how amazing phone cameras are?  I kind of feel like an old person saying it but it’s true. Make sure you have a system to back up your photos as well! I usually create albums for every city (or every hotel) I visit as well to keep my photos organized!




Pack For Adventure (Without Overpacking)


Don’t you love vague tips?  You can find a weekend getaway packing list anywhere on the Internet. Literally. a quick Google search will bring up over 385,000 lists.  I won’t be repetitive by offering my own packing list but below are my top 5 things I don’t want you to forget!

  1. Bring Your Passport! Even if you are heading to a local destination. I remember being so disappointed the first time I visited a friend in Vancouver and couldn’t make a day trip to Seattle. Anything can happen!
  2. Sunscreen (even in the winter). Some places get more sun so you should be wearing sunscreen on your face no matter where you go. Really you should be wearing it on exposed skin every day..
  3. A Travel Journal. I love the new bullet journal trend. Despite how wordy I can be in blogs, I am not the one to “journal”. Bullet points of what I did that day are much more likely to get done!
  4. Bring a “Beach Bag”. Often times when you pack everything in your suitcase and you don’t think about what you are actually going to be carrying around.
  5. Comfortable Shoes. You never know how much walking you are actually going to end up walking! I think we have all made this mistake before!



What’s Your Favourite “Explore a New City” Tip?


Anything you think should be included? I would love if you would contact me and let me know what you think! Or check out my top 8 cities for a weekend getaway if you are looking for inspiration!

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