A dream location, the Dominican Republic satisfies every Destination Wedding guests’ vacation style! Over 1600km of coastline and over 400km of nearly perfect beaches cover the destination. Nature enthusiasts love that over 26% of the Dominican Republic’s land and coastal shores are preserved national parks. Nature, History and Culture are just the tip of what makes Dominican Republic wonderful. On top of that, it is also a top golfing destination in the Caribbean with 25 designer courses. As the second largest island in the Caribbean, you can trust that Dominican Republic Has It All. On top of that, there are a few top specialties: cigars, rum, chocolate, and coffee.


Thinking about a Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic?

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The Hot Spots of the Dominican Republic


Most Canadian Airports fly into the Punta Cana airport. If you like white sand beaches and palm trees, Stay there and make yourself comfortable. Bavaro Beach is one of the best beaches in the world. There are many resorts taking advantage of this stretch of paradise that make great wedding venues. Beach Bums will be very happy walking along this beach stretch. There are eleven golf courses located along the coastline right in Punta Cana to keep any golf enthusiast busy. In the Dominican, the majority of all inclusive hotels are found in Punta Cana making it a very popular place for a Destination Wedding.



Puerto Plata is home to Brugal Rum Factory and gold sand beaches. There are less direct flights from Canada which make it less popular than Punta Cana. However, the beaches can be just as wonderful. Along the beaches you can also enjoy some of the best kite surfing in the world. Puerto Plata isn’t only a beach destination. On top of beaches, you can also find mountain views and historical sites here. An example of a historical “must-see” is Fort San Felipe. This historic Spanish fortress is the only building in Puerto Plata and showcases the area’s past.



The (Smaller) Hot Spots


La Romana was formally “just a golf destination”. Now not only a golf destination, visitors love the authentic feel. La Romana is covered in sugar cane fields and rich in culture. When you visit, you need to check out the Altos de Chavón district). On top of that, there is great scuba diving and world-class deep sea fishing.

Samana is on the north east coast and is most popular as a cruise destination. If you plan your visit between mid-January and mid-March, you can also take advantage of their whale watching season.

Santa Domingo is a Colonial City and has officially declared a UNESCO heritage site. It is a perfect destination for “foodies” because dining is such an event in Santa Domingo. It usually doesn’t even begin until about 9pm!

Why the Dominican Republic is a Great Destination Wedding Choice


The Dominican Republic was my most requested Destination Wedding location in 2017. Most of the accommodation options are all inclusive as well, which can help keep costs down. Speaking of all inclusive, it truly keeps the cost down not only for you but also for your guests. Your guests will love that they know pretty much exactly how much the total trip will cost and happy guests = happy life. Legal ceremonies are only conducted in Spanish although it is not overly complicated to get legally married in the Dominican. Because of this, most couples chose to have a symbolic ceremony (in English) on the island and a legal ceremony at home. The choice is yours.



The Dominican Republic is a great choice for a Destination Wedding, especially if you are a nature lover. The palm trees and natural landscapes are really hard to beat. Most couples tend to lean toward beach wedding venues but many resorts offer alternatives like garden gazebos, rooftops/terraces (which can be absolutely STUNNING and PRIVATE), fountains – I have even seen gorgeous receptions set up right next to the pool! When planning your destination wedding, there are many amazing options for you to choose. For the ease of your guests, you will probably want to stick with Punta Cana or Puerto Plata because they tend to have the most airline routes from Canadian cities. That being said, it might be worth planning a day trip to visit one of the other incredible (and colorful!) cities.

Most Destination Weddings take place later in the day, closer to sunset. There are many reasons to have your wedding later in the day, one of the main reasons being that it cools down. For this, it is truly a win-win because your guests won’t melt watching you walk down the aisle and you won’t melt in your wedding dress/suit/whatever you choose to wear. Saying that, the Dominican Republic offers some stunning sunset photography – you won’t be disappointed! Invest in a photographer that can capture the beauty.



One Final (Unfortunately Negative) Note

Unfortunately, I can’t recommend the Dominican Republic for LGBT couples. I want you to feel comfortable with the destination you choose. Although I wish with all my heart this changes soon enough, for now I believe you will be more comfortable in one of the many other wonderful destinations.



Thinking about a Destination Wedding in Dominican Republic?

Your VERY FIRST step should be downloading my FREE 9 Step Guide for Canadians Planning Destination Weddings here .


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