First things first, if you haven’t received your free copy of my ebook “9 Steps for Canadians Planning Destination Weddings” you can click here to get your copy now (if you want it!). Most of this is from my own personal experience and I hope that it will be incredibly helpful for you!

Destination Weddings are growing as fast as the prices of local weddings. More and more couples are realizing that a destination wedding has everything they want (including the price tag!). They do not want to spend an average of $30,000 for an average wedding in their hometown when they can spend a fraction of that on an above average destination wedding.

More than that, most of the couples I work with are guest-focused in that it is not just about the wedding, it is about spending a week with the most important people in the world to them. Whether you want to choose an all-inclusive location or villa, there will be an option to suit your style. We can work together to create truly amazing experiences for you and your guests! One growing trend is arranging a sunset catamaran tour for all of your guests as a way of thanking them for making the trip. I specialize in destination weddings for a reason, I absolutely LOVE them!

Even if a little part of you is curious about destination weddings at this point, use my contact form ! My knowledge is only useful when I can help others !! It was the right choice for me (you can read about why I personally chose to have a destination wedding here) but I will be honest with you if it doesn’t sound like the right choice for you. Click here to fast track to my contact form.

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