Let’s talk about your Destination Wedding Dress!


Any wedding dress can be a Destination Wedding dress although there are a few things to keep in mind!  Destination wedding planning timelines are different than local timelines because they are not as spread out. A majority of The destination wedding planning takes place right away when you’re choosing a destination. After you choose a destination, you then have to start spreading the word and sending save the dates so that your guests to book in! Trust me, this can be a full time job by itself. It is busy. By the end of this process (about 90 days), you are sick and tired of wedding planning and are thankful for a break! This is why, destination wedding dress shopping can get put on the back burner..

I know most of you just skim blog posts so I am going to keep this short and sweet for you! It’s important though so pay attention..



Destination Wedding Dress Shopping Needs to Happen NOW


I know more and more brides are choosing to order online so this may not apply. Ordering a dress in the store can take up to twelve months though which is why you should not procrastinate this step! Don’t forget to factor time for alterations too! I don’t consider myself particularly fussy but even I had two or three different alteration appointments! Alterations are expensive so you don’t want to add to it by paying rush fees. On the topic of my own wedding dress experience, I feel compelled to let you know to budget more time in case something goes wrong!



Order Your Current Size


After my experience I am tempted to even recommend to order a size larger. I found a perfect dress and the store model fit perfectly. It was a new store model, so I ordered the same size. If I am going to be completely honest, it fit a bit tight but I figured I would lose just a few pounds. I actually thought I would be able to lose more weight, but I forgot to factor how stressful wedding planning is! Why on earth would anyone try to lose weight during one of the more stressful times of their lives?! I know people do it, but I definitely did not. When my dress came in, it was way too small. I didn’t gain weight either, the store model still fit the same. The store (who I will leave anonymous) felt so bad as they could clearly see the sizes were not the same so they gave me a credit toward a new dress. The only problem was, there wasn’t enough time to order the same dress.



Try to Keep To Your Budget


Set a budget for what you would be reasonably comfortable spending and don’t try anything on that exceeds it. Destination Wedding Dress shopping can be surprisingly emotional and it can be easy to throw your budget out the window. I went WAY OVER (2.5x over) my original budget because I had to rush and find a new one when my first dress didn’t work out. After how upset I was that my original dress didn’t work out, I probably would have paid just about anything to find a dress I loved just as much. I would not have done that if I was thinking logically! Not just about me though, many brides have tried on expensive dresses and ended up going over budget because they can’t get the one out of their head. We are only human! Better to not have tried on a dress over budget at all!



Give Your Bridesmaids Lots of Time


The earlier you get your wedding dress, the earlier you can let your ladies start shopping for theirs! Whether you all go together or you give your ladies a color choice and freedom to choose their own, they are likely already saving up to attend your wedding. Make it a little easier for them by giving them as much time as possible to search for their dress.




Destination Wedding Dress Tips


The first few pointers I mentioned apply for any wedding dress. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind for your own Destination Wedding Dress!

  • Choose Your Material Wisely. I would never say to chose the style you like based on your destination. If you want a ballgown, get a ballgown. Yes, you are going to probably overheat but honestly you will overheat anyway. That being said, choose your material wisely. Some will hold the heat in more than others or wrinkle more – neither are ideal for a Destination Wedding Dress!
  • Find out if your resort or venue has a steamer. This will seriously impact how important finding out how easily wrinkled the material is. You may also want to invest in a heavy-duty wedding dress bag to make sure your wedding dress travels well. Most airlines will give you a separate cabin for your wedding dress as well to help it travel better.
  • Bring an emergency sewing kit! Every bride-to-be should probably have one of these anyway, but definitely don’t forget to pack this when getting married away!
  • Consider Accessories. Make sure to use the resort safe in the destination for all important jewelry! And please pack all accessories in your carry on!
  • Pay special attention to the bottom of the dress. For example, solid material won’t catch sand or grass as easily as tulle.


Start Shopping!


Do you agree with these tips? Hopefully this has inspired you to start shopping! I wish you lots of happy wedding dress shopping moments. If you have a venue and guests booked in and a wedding dress, I officially give you permission to relax a little bit.

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