Cuba is home to some of the nicest beaches in the Caribbean. It is more than just a beach destination though! Visitors can take a stroll down Old Havana, visit Tobacco farms at Viñales or check out the Che museum in Santa Clara – to name a few!Many visitors will choose to stay in one of the all inclusive resorts in Varadero and enjoy the white sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters. Cuba is a definitely one of the most affordable destinations in the Caribbean.

Casa particulars are the most popular accommodation option for those who prefer a more authentic experience outside of the tourist hot spot. If you leave Varadero, you will likely be staying in these bed and breakfast style accommodations. It is a great chance to meet locals and enjoy some real Cuban cuisine (it is not the bland stuff you have been hearing about!)

Don’t forget that Credit and Debit cards are not widely accepted in Cuba and many will not work! Make sure you have enough cash (Canadian dollars) to exchange once you land in Cuba.

Destination Weddings: There is so much uncertainty with the United States and Cuba right now so if you are planning on having American guests attend your destination wedding, Cuba is probably not for you. Although, for most of us Canadians, Cuba is an amazing destination. Imagine yourself in your wedding dress standing next to classic cars – the photo opportunities are limitless. Cuba is also one of the easiest destinations for Canadians to get legally married in which is a major perk!

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Cuba Tourist Board of Canada
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