Costa Rica

Costa Rica Destination Weddings and Honeymoons combine my two favorite things: Romance and Eco-tourism. This is a great destination for nature-loving adventurous couples who want something different. Over 25% of Costa Rica is dedicated to conservation and protected territory including 29 national parks, 19 wildlife refuges, and 8 biological reserves. Costa Rica takes pride in being a sustainable and responsible destination.

Costa Rica is an amazing destination for the adventurers and thrill-seekers. They have been recognized as one of the safest adventure destinations due to their stringent standards enforced by the government of Costa Rica. 1adventure through the forests with hanging bridges or go rappelling. White water rafting or kayaking down the rivers is a popular activity as well. Head underground and experience a whole other level in their caverns. If you prefer the beach, Costa Rica has gorgeous coral reefs for diving. You can find white, yellow, grey or black sand in Costa Rica as a result of a variety of seashells crashing into the coral reef.

Destination Weddings: Costa Rica was recognized as a top destination in 2016 by Destination Weddings & Honeymoons. It is an easy location to get legally married in and your guests will appreciate that you chose something a little different. There are all inclusive options available as well as a wide variety of other accommodations. Your wedding backdrop can be a volcano, mountains, lush forests, or the beach!

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Costa Rica Tourism Board


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