The Magic of Destination Weddings in Cabo


Cabo San Lucas is one of my favorite destinations in the world. It is hard to describe, but there is something in the air. It’s like magic. It has the laid back atmosphere of California, but the hospitality and charm you can only find in Mexico. I love the Mayan Riviera (and it is definitely more popular for me than Los Cabos). But honestly is Cabo isn’t on your radar I beg you to re-consider! Your guests will LOVE Cabo. You and your fiance will love Cabo. I love Cabo!

welcome to cabo weddings

About a year ago, I had the luxury of visiting a few different resorts and experiencing some beautiful wedding set ups, of which I am sharing below! If you have any questions at all, I would love for you to contact me here or let me know you are ready to plan your destination wedding (Cabo or otherwise) by clicking the button below. We can’t wait to connect with you.

Love Mexico by IADWP


First, let me start by thanking IADWP (International Association of Destination Wedding Planners) for hosting such an amazing educational event. I learned so much from some of the best in the industry and was a part of some truly incredible event set ups. Thank you for being such amazing hosts. And thank you so much to both Krystal Grand Los Cabos and Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos for being such incredible hosts. Now – on to some incredible photos!

Los Cabos Garden Wedding Setup

An example of an absolutely stunning Garden Wedding set up at Krystal Grand Los Cabos. I was actually excited to watch the set up process from my top floor room balcony! 

LeBlanc Los Cabos


leblanc los cabos wedding

You know you are a wedding planner when… it is completely normal to attend an event and not sit on the chairs – they are too pretty! I love these acrylic chiavari chairs. If you are looking for an ultra modern, ultra luxurious, adults only destination wedding locations, I would have no hesitations recommending LeBlanc Los Cabos. It only opened in the first months of 2018 and at the time we visited here, it hadn’t even officially opened. We were so impressed.


Grand Fiesta Americana Los Cabos


This resort absolutely blew me away with the level of service we experienced. They have many different wedding locations – it was honesty hard to choose which ones I should feature here. Depending on the size of the wedding, you have two different terrace venues, a garden venue, and of course their beach (which is STUNNING by the way). The first terrace below was so private and had an absolutely stunning ocean view. I love the colours in this set up as they really work “with” the venue instead of fighting against it.

Grand Fiesta Los Cabos Terrace Wedding


The second terrace was incredible as well and I absolutely love the decor here as well. Although this terrace is just off of the main pool, it feels private being slightly elevated and so close to the ocean. I didn’t notice any sounds from the pool, just the sounds of the ocean waves crashing… dreamy… I love the contrast between the ceremony and reception too! Isn’t it amazing how the ceremony is set up so simple and stunning?

Los Cabos Wedding


If you have followed us for a while, you know that we are just naturally drawn to more muted colours for weddings, but I have to admit, the bright colours in this ceremony garden set up had me in awe. It is proof to me that if you want to go for a bright colour, you need to go ALL THE WAY… They definitely did not hold back here.

bright fuchsia wedding ceremony


Sunset Monalisa


I know some of you reading this might love all inclusive resorts, but are leaning toward an off-site venue for your destination wedding. Sunset Monalisa, set a new standard for an off site venue for me. With an absolutely stunning view, multi-level venues, and the most incredible food I have ever tasted, this venue is a MUST consider if you are looking to have a wedding off the resort. (PS: I also talk a lot more about getting married off the resort in my three part series here). I love a stunning off site venue! If you value unique experiences for your guest, an off site venue is sure to impress.

sunset monalisa - off site wedding venues in cabo

Farewell Reception


We ended the Love Mexico Destination Weddings conference with a fabulous beach reception hosted by Grand Fiesta Los Cabos. And yes, that is a sugar skull bride & groom. It was the perfect event to end an absolutely incredible conference. I have immediately added the LoveMexico conference to my yearly event schedule and  can’t wait to continuously be amazed by what they can do. Thank you for an incredible visit again! I am so honored to be a member of such an incredible organization.

Grand Fiesta Los Cabos beach Wedding Reception


What do you think? Could you see yourself getting married in Los Cabos? Or perhaps Cabo San Lucas? If you would like to reach out and talk about your own destination wedding, we are here for you. I wish I had time to include all of the photos of all the different resorts I had a chance to visit but unfortunately this page would never load if I did! Over two weeks, I visited over 20 resorts and venues.Visiting resorts and venues is one of my favourite parts of the job. And of course, one of the most important! Read a little about a day in the life here (in case you are curious). Of course, we would love for you to reach out directly using the form below! Not ready to commit? Read more about our services here. We are waiting for you!