My personal favourite Destination Wedding locations are the many wonderful islands in the Caribbean (both all inclusive and not all-inclusive) and the amazing hot spots in Central America.  I can appreciate that some wedding couples might choose more Unique Wedding Destinations like Europe, Australia, South America, and South East Asia. So in case one of the destinations I featured didn’t make you fall in love, below I have a few more. Of course we live in a big world, so if you already have a specific place in mind, head directly to the contact form so we can get started.

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Paris is always a good idea – I have never agreed with Audrey Hepburn more. France has been a number one bucket list honeymoon destination for a long time. When most people think of France, The Eiffel Tower and Paris are usually at the top of their mind. Paris has so much more to offer for the arts and culture enthusiasts though! Check out The Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, the Catacombs of Paris, Arc de Triomphe, the list goes on and on!! That’s just Paris! It is a magical city.

Outside of Paris there are so many other cities to consider for your vacation – all of them complete with freshly baked bread, cheese and wine. For major wine enthusiasts, a visit to Bordeaux is a must! All true champagne comes from the champagne region in France so that is another stop! Nice and Marseille are amazing destinations for those who prefer a city near some water. Pick one or two or if you are looking for an easy way to visit multiple cities in France a river cruise might be a perfect fit.



Destination Weddings:  It is a little harder to get legally married here as France requires a 21 day residency period but if you are short on time you can always chose to have a symbolic ceremony. France shares borders with eight different countries which means you have lots of options is you want to extend your trip to have a life-changing honeymoon. Your guests will love having this option too!



France and Monaco Focus Series Certificate





Germany is full of history and culture that it makes a perfect destination for those seeking a truly enriching experience in their travels. Walking tours are common in main cities and are a great way to not only see the cities attractions but also for someone to explain the significance to you. If you prefer nature to history you will enjoy that over one third of Germany is designated as “National Natural Landscapes.” Hiking and cycling is strongly encouraged!

Planning a more romantic getaway? Lake Constance is a gorgeous summer destination for those who won’t vacation without a trip to some water ;). Driving down romantic road is something I always recommend because no two experiences are ever alike. Put your love lock on the bridge in Cologne. Don’t forget to visit the castle the Walt Disney was inspired by to create the Sleeping Beauty castle (Neuschwanstein Castle). There are so many choices for Germany vacation planning that it really does have something for everyone.



Destination Weddings: This might be less of a traditional destination wedding and honeymoon destination but I couldn’t help but include it in one of my favorite destinations. It makes a great group destination because it offers something for everyone. Paperwork is a little bit trickier for legal ceremonies so I recommend hiring someone on-site to help you or having a symbolic ceremony.


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There are so many reasons why Spain makes an amazing destination. Foodies will love the Mediterranean diet of healthy, delicious food and eating habits that allow for sharing and social interaction. Spanish culture is reflective of how many different types of people it attracts. It is more than just a classic beach destination, visitors want to embrace the culture. Spain currently has the second highest number of UNESCO sites in the world because of how many historical and archaeological monuments that have been preserved throughout the country.

All over the country you will find an array of different festivals that are usually of religious origin. Most of the festivals take place over the summer months – the most popular being the running of the bulls festival. This is definitely a bucket list festival in Pamplona.



Destination Weddings in Spain:  Unfortunately this is another destination where paperwork is a little bit trickier for legal ceremonies. I strongly recommend hiring someone on-site to help you or having a symbolic ceremony. It is still a great choice for destination weddings (in my opinion!) because how high it rates on many bucket lists (like your guests)! Not to mention how absolutely stunning your backdrop would be.




The tombs of Newgrange and Knowth are even older than the pyramids!

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