Hello There! Destination Wedding Travel Agent Over Here!

Hello There! My name is Kara Duncan Brodhecker (I am slowly changing my name after getting married last year) and I am a Destination Wedding Travel Agent. I go by many names: Destination Wedding Planner, Specialist, Designer.. but basically, I work out the “how” behind your ideas. I keep saying “work with us” because honestly, planning destination weddings and honeymoons can sometimes take a village. The truth is, I have a small team of people I work closely with to help with “behind the scenes” but if you chose Love at First Travel for your destination wedding or honeymoon plans, you will be chatting with me.



What I do (in a nutshell)


I help wedding couples find everything they are looking for in a wedding abroad. Once we find a location and venue that excites you, I organize the travel plans for you and your guests and introduce you to the on-site coordinator (if available). Throughout the planning process, I make sure you feel supported. If you have chosen a wedding where an on-site coordinator is not included in a wedding package, I help you find a wedding planner that works at your chosen destination to ensure the specifics of your wedding are looked after.


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I’m a Former Destination Bride (so I know the stuggle)


Former Destination Bride Over Here! I knew I wanted to have a Destination Wedding for as long as I can remember and started thinking about it as a possible career path in 2012 when I attended a beautiful Destination Wedding as a guest. It took me a while to finally get going though! That being said, half way through the planning process of my own Destination Wedding I decided to take the plunge and open up my own Travel Company and I haven’t looked back since!

It can be frustrating to find the information you want online that is geared towards Canadian brides. I truly hope you can use my blog as a resource throughout your destination wedding planning process! I am always creating new goodies (like my 9 Step Guide) but if there is anything you would like to see let me know!


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Here are just a few things that make working with me extra special.


I am insanely passionate about Destination Weddings

I guess you could say that I am a Destination Wedding Enthusiast. When you reach out to me for help planning your Destination Wedding, I know it’s a once in a lifetime event. Wedding planning can be stressful and I promise when we work together, I will try to make it easier. I loved having a destination wedding myself (read about why I had one here) and I love spreading that joy.

My FAVOURITE moments are when someone’s grandparent reaches out and tells me they have NEVER LEFT THE COUNTRY BEFORE. How exciting is that. They finally have a reason to pack their bags and usually they are thrilled. For those who have already fallen in love at first travel, you know how beautiful this is.


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I have a Casual Millennial Style

I love being a millennial and I love the internet. If recommend something, I know you are going to google it. I would do the exact same thing. I will be there one hundred percent as questions come up. Every couple I work with is different but one thing is for certain, we are going to talk a lot. There is no need to be formal every time. Give me a call! Shoot me an email or text! Hit me up on Facebook Messenger! Add me to your Pinterest board! Whatever works! Whether you are a DIY bride or you want everything done for you (read more about my packages here), I am committed to helping you get what you want.

I work from home, drink a lot of coffee and wear leggings almost every single day – if you want someone a little fancier – I am not your girl! I read about trends on buzzfeed (and will probably share what I find interesting). It is just who I am and how I operate.


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I never stop learning.

I graduated with my BA from the University of Alberta in 2014 (my major was in psychology so I can hold my own with your crazy aunt) and haven’t stopped learning since. Here is the thing: I want to provide you with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision. It is just my nature. Sometimes, it is too much information and you are going to want to tell me to slow down (that’s okay too!)

If I listed my values for you, Education would be near the very top of the list. I am a member of DWHSA (Destination Wedding Honeymoon Specialist Association) and a member of IADWP (International Association of Destination Wedding Planners) so I am always learning. I attend many training’s as possible and you will find certificates all over this website to prove it. The travel industry is constantly changing and I know how important it is for me to stay current. It is one of the ways I continually show my value as we work together.


DWHSA Logo - Certified Destination Wedding Honeymoon and Romance Travel Specialist


I am a Social Butterfly

I love hanging out with you so I try to in as many places as possible. On top of writing weekly blogs (released every Friday), I am also releasing more and more video content so feel free to reach out if there is anything you would like to see.

In the meantime. here’s where you can find me:
Facebook – I talk about a little bit of everything here. I share viral content Talk about pretty much any destination in the world. And ask about your life. Like me here.
Instagram – Pretty pictures of weddings and (mostly beach) destinations. It’s a lot more focussed on what I actually do and LOVE everyday. Follow me @loveatfirst.travel
Pinterest – This is where I save every cool thing I find on the internet. I have boards for different destinations and boards for weddings. Check Out my Boards Here.
Email List – You know how you share your best self on social media? So do I. My email list is where I get really real though so if we are going to be friends you should probably get on it.