I can’t believe 2018 is only two months away! This year has seriously just FLOWN by!

I love planning honeymoons. Absolutely love them. Even though this article is about honeymoon trends, I love how many couples really use their honeymoon trip to show off their uniqueness as a couple.

It’s still early, but based in some patterns that are appearing toward the end of 2017.. here are 5 Trends we are Predicting for 2018.


1) A Move Toward Small Boutique Accommodations

Larger Resorts have been popular for a while now! Larger resorts tend to come more restaurant choices, more activities, and more people to mingle with. But we are starting to see a shift! As our own lives get busier and busier, more couples are choosing smaller boutique accommodations for their romantic getaways. The priority really is taking the time away to really relax and connect as a couple.

2) More Unique Destinations, in Classic Places

Cancun Who? Couples want to venture somewhere a little more unique for this special trip without sacrificing the luxuries classic places tend to come with (short/direct flight times, for example). Akumal and Tulum are becoming much more popular in Mexico. Couples can take advantage or these classic luxuries without feeling like they are going to the same place their besties went on their honeymoons.

3) An Even Bigger Number of Moons

I swear this trend is causing my vocabulary to grow exponentially. I could probably right a whole article on this but to give you a taster let’s just say I am hearing more and more of these buzz words: buddymoons, babymoons, familymoons, minimoons, splitmoons, and mysterymoons.

4) A Rise in Ecotourism and Adventure Travel

Not every couple dreams of spending a week sitting still. During the consultation process, it’s not uncommon for couples to share that they want some beach time but they don’t want to be bored either.

5) Destinations will continue to rise to the challenge of satisfying the ‘Foodies’

If you enjoy the finer things on your holiday, know that more and more destinations are stepping up their foodie game just for you. 

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